Sara Cody

Sara H. Cody, MD 
Health Officer and Public Health Director

Dr. Sara Cody leads the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department and its more than 40 programs that prevent disease and promote health and equity for nearly two million county residents. She holds overall responsibility for assessing and reporting on community health and using data to help shape public health strategy and policy.

Sarah Rudman

Sarah Rudman, MD, MPH 
Deputy Health Officer and Infectious Disease and Response Branch Director

Dr. Sarah Rudman leads the Infectious Disease and Response Branch. Programs reporting to Dr. Rudman work to respond to public health emergencies and reduce communicable diseases and their associated harms in the community through disease outbreak investigation, clinical services, and healthcare provider engagement, as well as public outreach and education. Dr. Rudman joined the Public Health Department in 2016 as the STD/HIV Controller. 

Michael Balliet

Michael Balliet 
Deputy Director for Operations 

Michael Balliet oversees the administrative operations of the Public Health Department, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of services. Michael has more than 25 years of expertise in the environmental health industry, leading government and private sector agencies.

Rhonda McClinton-Brown

Rhonda McClinton-Brown, MPH 
Deputy Director for Strategy, Policy and Planning

Rhonda McClinton-Brown leads the Department’s work in growing community partnerships and advancing policies that safeguard health. Rhonda’s expertise in promoting racial and health equity spans more than 24 years across academia and non-profits. She joined the Public Health Department in 2019 as the Healthy Communities Branch Director.

Grace Meregillano

Grace Meregillano, MS 
Director of Public Health Nursing Services 

Grace Meregillano leads the Maternal, Child and Family Health Branch of the Public Health Department. Programs focus on improving maternal health outcomes and the lives of parents and children. She joined Public Health more than 25 years ago as a public health nurse before serving in nurse management roles.

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Marilyn C. Underwood, PhD 
Director of Environmental Health

Dr. Marilyn C. Underwood leads activities relating to environmental health protections, including food safety, hazardous materials management, solid waste, recreational health, body art, site mitigation, on-site wastewater treatment systems, and drinking water. Dr. Underwood’s expertise in environmental health spans 30 years across state and local government agencies.

Wayne Enanoria

Wayne Enanoria, MPH, PhD 
Chief Science Officer and Science Branch Director 

Wayne Enanoria joined the Public Health Department in 2022 as the inaugural Chief Science Officer for Public Health. He previously led health departments in epidemiology and public health surveillance, outbreak analytics, public health preparedness, emergency response, and public health informatics. 

Angelica Diaz

Angelica Diaz, MPH 
Healthy Communities Branch Director

Angelica Diaz oversees programs focused on promoting initiatives on chronic disease prevention and community safety that engage residents, schools, businesses, and community leaders to make the healthy choice the easiest choice. She joined the County in 2017 and served in several roles focused on health and equity.

Monika Roy

Monika Roy, MD, MS 
Assistant Health Officer and Communicable Disease Controller 

Dr. Monika Roy joined the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department in 2020, serving as Assistant Health Officer and Communicable Disease Controller. Dr. Roy oversees the Communicable Disease program, responsible for responding to cases and outbreaks of reportable diseases like measles and COVID, and the Immunization program, dedicated to improving community knowledge of and access to vaccination. 

Akanksha Vaidya

Akanksha Vaidya, MD, MPH
Assistant Health Officer and STI/HIV Controller  

Dr. Akanksha Vaidya leads the Sexual Health and Harm Reduction Program, which provides sexual health education and access to testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and also works to prevent the transmission of HIV, Hepatitis C, and other infectious diseases. Dr. Vaidya also oversees harm reduction activities that provide resources to the hardest-to-reach individuals to keep them from harms caused by drug use.

Krishna Surasi

Krishna Surasi, MD, MPH 
Assistant Health Officer 

Dr. Krishna Surasi oversees and supports programs across the Public Health Department relating to public health emergencies, new infectious diseases, and occupational and environmental health concerns. He also leads professional experiences for rotating medical and senior public health trainees. Dr. Surasi joined the Department in 2022, overseeing the COVID Prevention and Control Program. 

Ann Loeffler

Ann Loeffler, MD
Assistant Health Officer and Tuberculosis Controller

As an expert in drug resistant tuberculosis and tuberculosis in children and pregnancy, Dr. Ann Loeffler oversees all tuberculosis, or TB, program activities for the Public Health Department. Under her leadership, the program ensures curative treatment for Santa Clara County residents with TB disease and evaluation and treatment of their contacts.

Jacque Nash

Jacquelyn Nash, MPA 
Administrative Services Manager III

Jacque Nash oversees major administrative and management functions within the Department. She began her career with Public Health more 25 years ago as a Health Education Associate. Over the years, she has helped the organization navigate complex public health emergencies like COVID, mpox, and extreme weather events.

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