Racial and Health Equity

The Racial Health Equity team:

  • transforms systems and structures. 
  • strengthens community engagement practices.
  • improves departmental capacity and practice towards the advancement of racial and health equity within government.


Government has a critical role to play in achieving this vision. The examination of policies, programs, and practices is needed to advance equity in government. Once it is clear who benefits by the decision-making, we can work to include and shift power towards those communities that have been historically excluded. That way we can work towards a Santa Clara County where everyone belongs.

Why is it so important for government to embrace equity within systems and structures?

County government provides many important programs and services for people in their time of need. While it is important to continue programs and services today, we must examine why there is such a great need for them. This is where the “upstream” concept comes into play.

Racial and Health Equity team

Maritza Rodriguez
Program Manager III

Vanessa Bolton
Program Manager II

Rodrigo García-Reyes
Program Manager II

Jennifer-Xuan Do
Health Planning Specialist III

Llisel Solis
Health Planning Specialist III

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