South County United for Health

South County United for Health is a collaborative effort to create healthier communities where people live, work, learn and play in the cities of Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin, and parts of unincorporated Santa Clara County, also known as South County. In September 2012, the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, with funding support from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), launched several public health efforts to reduce preventable chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and strokes, of which disproportionately affect the 93,000 South County residents. 

Under the leadership of County Supervisor Mike Wasserman and Erin O'Brien, President and CEO of Community Solutions, South County United for Health Leadership Team strives to promote good health and safe communities where all residents have the opportunity to live healthy lives through research based best practice approaches. Support for projects is provided by Santa Clara County Public Health Department,  City of Morgan Hill, City of Gilroy, South County Collaborative and other partners. 

South County United for Health current focus areas:

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