Walk and Bike Events

All year long, the County of Santa Clara encourages schools and families to get active through monthly Walk, Bike, and Roll events. View the upcoming events below to see how you can join.

School-Age Children Riding Bikes to School

Celebrate National Bike to School Month

This year, National Bike to School Day is scheduled on May 3, 2023. In partnership with Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, and in support of Bay Area Bike to Wherever Days, the County of Santa Clara is celebrating Bike to School Day all month long. We encourage families and students to add biking to their daily lives by doing activities such as: biking to school, biking on a park trail, or simply biking around your neighborhood. Try out different activities to see what’s most fun for the entire family.

How can cities participate?

City partners and agencies can encourage their community residents and school's to bike, roll, or wheel your way around town all month long. Help promote and encourage school's to register for the “Bike Rack Decorating Contest” or “Bike to the Moon” events. Also, don't forget to participate in Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition's Bike to Wherever Day's promotional events, and the Cities Challenge, a friendly competition among cities to encourage bicycle riders to sign up and pledge to ride

How can schools participate?

Students and families are encouraged to bike, roll, or wheel your way to school all month long. County of Santa Clara schools can promote Bike to School Month by participating in either the “Bike Rack Decorating Contest” or “Bike to the Moon” events.

Schools can pick one week to celebrate or celebrate all month long. Choose the activities that work best for your school, and remember to have fun! Use the hashtag (#SCCBikeMonth2023) to share your activities on social media, and tag County of Santa Clara Public Health Department and Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition on Facebook (@sccpublichealth) (@BikeSiliconValley), Twitter (@HealthySCC) (@bikesv), or Instagram (@scc_publichealth) (@bikesiliconValley) on all your bike to school activities.

Bike Rack Decorating Contest

Turn your ordinary bike racks into something extraordinary by participating in the countywide Bike Rack Decorating Contest! Use your students’ creative talents to decorate your school’s bike racks and compete against schools across the county.

Decorated Bike Rack with Emission Reductions Theme

Contest Rules:

  1. Register your school (K-12) by May 5, 2023.
  2. Decorate your school bike rack(s) at least one time from April 24 through May 12.
  3. Submit at least one photo of your decorated bike rack by May 12 by e-mailing [email protected].
  4. Adults, be sure to have students actively involved with the bike rack decorating.

The first 20 schools to register will receive a bike rack decorating contest starter kit. If you receive a starter kit, you can use more than the supplies provided to decorate your bike rack(s). Be creative, and let your imagination create a bike rack masterpiece.

A panel of judges with community members and bicycle enthusiasts will select a winner. The winning school will be announced by Thursday, May 18, and will receive the Golden Bike Award (a trophy) and “bragging rights” until next year’s competition.

Celebrate Bike to the Moon Week

Bike to the Moon Banner with astronauts on bikes

In collaboration with Alameda County’s Safe Routes to School Program and Transportation Commission, the County of Santa Clara is celebrating Bike to the Moon Week. All County of Santa Clara K-12 schools are invited to participate in this epic journey from Monday, May 15, through Sunday, May 21.

During the celebration, students, families, and school staff can track their miles and minutes of activity with the goal of “biking” 286,900 miles to the moon. Anyone can do this by biking, walking, rolling, taking transit, or learning about bike safety. Schools are welcome to host an in-person Bike to School Day event to contribute to moon miles.

Who can participate?

This event is open to anyone in the County of Santa Clara. We encourage everyone in your school and local community to participate, including students, teachers, champions, administrators, and neighbors.

How do I register, and what do I get?

Schools interested in promoting this event need to register using the Bike to the Moon 2023 School Registration Form.

The County of Santa Clara will provide promotional materials and posters to all schools that register by May 5. The first 20 schools to register will receive a box of 150 bike lights to give away to students. Click on links below for promotional materials and toolkit:

This event is also open to the community. Individuals and community members don’t need to register to participate. Starting May 15, you can track your miles on the mileage tracking form. The last day to track your miles is Sunday, May 21.

How do I track my miles and minutes?

We know that 286,900 miles is a long distance to travel, and we can’t make it without your help! To get us to the moon, we will convert all activity minutes and miles into “moon miles” using a mileage tracking form. Enter your miles or minutes of physical activity into the form, and it will do the conversions for you. If you are curious, we are using the following conversions:

  • 1 mile of biking = 25 moon miles
  • 10 minutes of biking = 25 moon miles
  • 10 minutes of another physical activity (walking, scooting, skating, taking public transportation) = 25 moon miles
  • 1 post on social media about the event, with #IBikedToTheMoon = 25 moon miles
  • Attend 1 in-person or online bike education event = 100 moon miles

During Bike to the Moon Week, each participant will fill out a mileage tracking form. You can enter how many miles you biked, or how long (in minutes) of other physical activity you completed. You can also let us know if you participated in an educational event by tagging a photo on social media with #IBikedtotheMoon. There is no limit to the number of activities you can submit. You can submit your moon miles through the Mileage Tracking Form each day or all at once. Just make sure not to double-count your activities.

Key Tracking Form Dates:

  • Tracking Form Opens: Monday, May 15, at 7 a.m. PST
  • Tracking Form Closes: Monday, May 22, at 5 p.m. PST – Be sure to enter all your miles and minutes by then

Did we make it to the moon? Stay tuned to find out at the end of May.


Visit some of our partner webpages to learn more about Bike to School Month:

View some of our resources to help prepare for safe bicycling in your community:

For any questions about upcoming walk, bike, and roll events, please contact Martha Lara at martha.lara@phd.sccgov.org.

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