Renovating a Pre-1978 Home: Step 2

2. Get the Right Equipment


It is important to get the right equipment to protect you and your family from lead exposure.

  • NIOSH-certified disposable respirator with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter (N-100, R-100, or P-100).
  • HEPA filter-equipped vacuum cleaner. Regular household vacuums may release harmful lead particles into the air.
  • Wet-sanding equipment (e.g., spray mister), wet/dry abrasive paper, and wet sanding sponges for "wet-methods."
  • Two buckets and all-purpose cleaner. Use one bucket for the cleaning solution and the other bucket for rinsing. Change the rinse water frequently and replace rags, sponges, and mops often.
  • Heavy-duty plastic sheeting and heavy-duty plastic bags.
  • Tape. You will need tape to completely seal the plastic sheeting in place.
  • Protective clothing. To keep lead dust from being tracked throughout your home, wear clothes such as coveralls, shoe covers, hats, goggles, face shields, and gloves or clean work clothes and launder separately.

Building with chipping paint
Person in complete bunnysuit with respirator and gloves

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