Renovating a Pre-1978 Home: Step 1

1. Work Safely  

  • Remove all furniture, area rugs, curtains, food, clothing, and other household items until cleanup is complete. 
  • Items that cannot be removed from the work area should be tightly wrapped with plastic sheeting and sealed with tape. 
  • Cover floors with plastic sheeting. 
  • If working on a larger job, construct an airlock at the entry to the work area.
    • The airlock consists of two sheets of thick plastic. One sheet is completely taped along all four edges.
    •  The plastic sheet is then cut down the middle.
    • The second sheet is only taped along the top and acts as a flap covering the slit in the first sheet of plastic.   
  • Turn off forced-air heating and air conditioning systems. Cover vents with plastic sheeting and tape the sheeting in place with tape. 
  • Close all windows in the work area. 
  • If disturbing paint, when using a hand tool, spray water on lead-painted surfaces to keep dust from spreading.  



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