Children's immunizations

What vaccines are recommended?

Which vaccines are required for school?

California school immunization law outlines the immunizations required for school and childcare entry. These resources will help you to comply with state of California immunization requirements.


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Where can my child get vaccinated in Santa Clara County?

  • Your child's pediatrician or your family doctor may offer vaccines.
  • Local pharmacies often offer vaccines for older children.
  • Use the Find a Clinic Tool

If you do not have health insurance, find out if your child is eligible for Medi-Cal.

How can I apply for a medical exemption?

 All new medical exemptions for school and childcare entry must be issued through CAIR-ME. Medical exemptions can only be issued by MDs or DOs licensed in California and must meet applicable Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) criteria. 

What is conditional admission?

  • In limited circumstances, some children who have not received one or more required immunizations may attend child care or school while they catch up on these immunizations.

    Conditional Admission Schedule

  • For pre-kindergarten (child care), see Table C of 17 CCR section 6035.

  • For K-12, see Table D of 17 CCR section 6035.

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How do I find my child's immunization records?

If you cannot find your immunization record, here are a few places to start: 

  • Digital vaccine record portal: Request Record 

  • Doctor's office or clinic where shots were given most recently.
  • Schools that your child attended.
  • You may also be able to get help from the California Immunization Registry (CAIR). Find out if your child's records are included in the immunization registry. 
  • The Travel and Immunization Clinic charges a $5.00 fee for a replacement of Immunization Records. Phone:(408) 792-5200

How is my school doing?

Are your child's classmates vaccinated? See immunization rates for schools in your area: Child CareKindergarten, 7th Grade.

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