Family Friendly Workplace Certification Program

The County of Santa Clara Family Friendly Workplace Certification (FFWC) Program recognizes local businesses that create supportive workplaces for employees and their families.

Family friendly workplaces improve health outcomes and job satisfaction for employees and increase work productivity and retention for employers. Employers can create a family friendly workplace by meeting and exceeding state and federal employment laws relating to parental leave, lactation accommodation, and work/family balance. Learn how to get certified as a Family Friendly Workplace by reading about the FFWC Program below.

What is the Family Friendly Workplace Certification Program (FFWC) Program?

  • The FFWC Program recognizes employers that implement policies to support families as they balance responsibilities at both work and home.
  • This certification program is valid for two years and open to employers of any size that are physically located within the County of Santa Clara.
  • The FFWC Program focuses on three categories:
    • Pregnancy and Parental Leave and Accommodations
    • Lactation Accommodations
    • Work-Family Balance
  • Each program category has specific policy benchmarks to reach certification at four levels: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The FFWC Program guide provides details about the requirements to meet each certification level.

Why become a certified Family Friendly Workplace?

Adopting family friendly policies benefits both employees and employers. Some of the benefits include:

  • Visibility for employers as an organization that values and supports families and employees. Organizations will be featured on the county website and receive a digital certification seal that can be used in the organization's promotional materials.

  • Increased work productivity and employee retention.
  • Greater job satisfaction and health for employees.
  • Increased number of women who enter and stay in the workforce.
  • Increased economic empowerment, stability, and growth for both women and society.

How to become a certified Family Friendly Workplace?

Organizations can apply to become a certified Family Friendly Workplace by following the steps below:

  • Attend a virtual 90-minute training.
    • The training will provide information on existing laws and requirements, practical tips on meeting the standards, and share resources. Assistance in completing the application will also be offered. Below are upcoming training dates. Please click on the date to register for the training.

  • Complete and submit an online application

Organizations who apply will receive notification of whether they have become certified within 30 working days of submission. The certification lasts for two years. Organizations can apply again when their certification expires to get recertified as a Family Friendly Workplace.

For more information about how to get certified as a Family Friendly Workplace, please contact [email protected]. If you need information or assistance with labor standards compliance or workplace issues call the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement  Free Legal Advice Line at (866) 870-7725.



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