Healthy Cities Program

Chronic diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes take a toll on residents of the County of Santa Clara. Chronic diseases affect the quality of life and result in higher healthcare costs. Many chronic diseases are also preventable.

The Public Health Department and its many partners provide health education to individuals and healthcare professionals across the County to improve health literacy, knowledge of healthy behaviors, and reduce risk for disease.  Cities and towns can also do much at the policy, systems, and environmental levels to prevent chronic disease. In recognition of the important role that cities and towns play in promoting the health of residents of and visitors to our County, the Public Health Department launched the Healthy Cities Program in 2016. 

Policies and practices promoted as part of the Healthy Cities Program include those that increase access to:

  • Recreation, physical activity, and safe walking and biking opportunities; 
  • Healthy food and beverage environments; and
  • Tobacco-free and smoke-free communities.

Healthy Cities Program Dashboards

At the end of each calendar year, the Public Health Department shares Dashboards tracking the progress each city and town in the County has made toward achieving policies and strategies promoted as part of the Healthy Cities Program. To view the 2016 through 2019 Dashboards for your city or town, please email edward​[email protected]. Starting in 2020, the format of the dashboard will be changing. To see the tentative criteria for the new 2020 dashboard, please download our criteria document​.

Healthy Cities Program Awards

With the release of Dashboards each year, the Public Health Department recognizes cities and towns for their progress in adopting policies aimed at reducing risks for chronic diseases and injuries.

In December of 2019, the Public Health Department and Healthy Cities Program recognized City of Santa Clara staff, Mayor Gillmor, and Councilmembers with an Exemplary City award for adopting model policies earlier in 2019 to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke.​

Healthy Cities Program Toolkit

The Public Health Department is available to provide technical assistance to help cities and towns within the County of Santa Clara to adopt and implement policies promoted as part of the program. Click here to view a list of resources and model policies that are being promoted by the Healthy Cities Program.

For additional background information about how your city or town may earn more recognition from the Public Health Department for its work to reduce chronic disease and injury risk, please contact [email protected]. For additional information about specific policies in any or all of the four main health categories promoted as part of the Healthy Cities Program, please contact the individuals listed below: 

Active and Safe Communities

A[email protected]

Healthy Food and Beverage Environments

[email protected]

Tobacco-Free Communities

[email protected]

Cross-Cutting Strategies

[email protected]

To learn more about the Healthy Cities Program and other related efforts, please contact:

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