Healthy Worksite Award Application

The Santa Clara County Healthy Worksite Award is an opportunity to celebrate organizations in Santa Clara County that are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of their employees, clients, patrons, and the community.

Healthy Word Place Gold Award

HWP Silver Medal

HWP Bronze Medal


To be eligible to apply, an organization must have passed and implemented at least one policy among these seven policy categories:

  • Healthy Beverages at Work
  • Healthy Food at Work
  • Physical Activity Promotion
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • Breastfeeding Accommodation and Promotion
  • Tobacco-Free Worksite
  • Diabetes Prevention

The policy or policies that the organization passes must meet the criteria specified in the County of Santa Clara Healthy Worksite Toolkit.  Each organization may receive up to a gold medal in each category, up to 7 gold medals total for all categories. Some of the award categories have three medal levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The criteria for each medal level is described in the Healthy Worksite Toolkit.  Organizations may be awarded medals in subsequent years if they pass additional policies.


Organizations can nominate themselves or nominate another organization that has made the commitment to provide a healthy working environment. Submit the nomination form, policy or policies, and implementation plan(s) to Suellen Haggerty at [email protected] or 1775 Story Road Suite 120, San Jose, CA 95122. To reference policy templates and sample implementation plans, read the Healthy Worksite Toolkit

Awards and Recognition

The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department will review the nomination forms, policies, and implementation plans and will send a confirmation e-mail that the application was received. If your application meets the qualifications for the Healthy Worksite Award Program, you will receive an invitation to attend our annual awards celebration and training. The organization is encouraged to use the Healthy Worksite Award logo for their letterhead, promotional activities, and annual report. 

If your application does not meet the minimum qualifications for the Healthy Worksite Award, you will receive an E-mail with suggested changes to your policy or implementation plan so that you can qualify for the award.


All organizations will be asked to participate in a short survey that can be sent to their employees to measure if the changes in the work environment have affected individual behavior changes. The contact person at each organization will also be asked to complete a survey about their observations of the challenges and successes with the policy adoption and implementation process.

Have you heard about the other two Santa Clara County workplace awards?

  • Mother-Friendly Employer Designation Award - If your organization accommodates breastfeeding mothers, you may be eligible to apply for the Mother-Friendly Employer Designation Award. 
  • Family-Friendly Workplace Award - If your organization provides pregnancy and parenting leave accommodations, lactation accommodations, and work-family balance, you may be eligible to apply for the Parent-Friendly Workplace Award.

To learn more about the Healthy Communities Branch and other related efforts, please contact:

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