In the News: Survey in South County for Community Emergency Preparedness

Public Health speaks with Gilroy Dispatch and Morgan Hill Times  

Do you know where the nearest cooling center is during a heat wave? Do you have enough food, water, and medication to last seven days after a disaster? What services would you need most during a natural disaster or emergency? The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department is working to gain a deeper understanding of how prepared people are for natural disasters and extreme weather events. 

Between April 24 and 26, 2024, a team of people led by Public Health staff conducted surveys with 170 households in Gilroy, San Martin, and Morgan Hill. Collecting these data are critical for developing data-driven policies and programs to provide high quality services to the residents of Santa Clara County. 

South county survey, emergency preparedness

Public Health’s Healthy Communities Branch Director Angelica Diaz sat down to speak with the Gilroy Dispatch and Morgan Hill Times about what residents can expect and how results will drive community health.  

“This will inform any outreach strategies that have the greatest impact to connect individuals to resources, and hopefully inform the way we respond in the event of emergencies,” Diaz told reporter Michael Moore.

South county survey, Angelica Diaz

Pictured: Angelica Diaz, Healthy Communities Branch Director at County of Santa Clara Public Health Department 

Data show people in South County face disparities including higher disease rates, transportation limitations, and less access to services. There is also a higher rate of residents most vulnerable to climate health effects such as low-income families, outdoor workers, young children, and those with asthma and cardiovascular disease. Survey results will help inform Public Health efforts to work with community partners in the area and find new outreach strategies to have greatest impact connecting people to resources and keeping people in the county safe. 

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Pictured: Wayne Enanoria, Chief Science Officer and Science Branch Director at County of Santa Clara Public Health Department 

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