Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP)

CPSP is a benefit of the Medi-Cal program. This voluntary program provides a wide range of services for low-income pregnant and postpartum women, from the date of conception to 60 days after the month of delivery. CPSP services are in addition to prenatal and obstetric care that is part of the standard of care for pregnant individuals. Participation gives you access to support services during and after pregnancy, improving your chance of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

CPSP goals 

  • To improve pregnancy outcomes
  • To reduce the number of babies born at a low-birth weight

  • To give every baby a healthy start in life
  • To lower health care costs by preventing illness in infants and children

    People with low income and receive Medi-Cal benefits, who are pregnant or postpartum (up to 60 days after the delivery month.)


    • Client focused, strength based, culturally sensitive care, with respect to your values, beliefs, and traditions.
    • Client orientation: services to be provided, where to obtain services, when services will be provided, procedures to follow in case of an emergency.
    • Initial and ongoing assessments, education, support, and follow-up each trimester and postpartum, in the following areas:
      • prenatal care (obstetric care)
      • food choices, what to eat or avoid, support for special diets or food allergies, weight management.
      • changes and discomfort experienced in pregnancy, concerning signs and symptoms, labor and delivery, birth control, breastfeeding, newborn care, health and safety, and parenting education  
      • emotional support, signs and symptoms of mental health distress, substance use, financial concerns or needs, housing, schooling, and employment.
    • Individualized Care Plan: together with your provider, you create goals based on your needs and wants.
    • Case coordination: communication with providers, assistance with transportation to appointments and services, and referrals to services and resources.
    • Pregnancy and postpartum related individual education or in groups. 

    A CPSP provider may employ or contract with any of the following staff to provide you with CPSP services.

    • Physicians (general practice, family practice, obstetrician or gynecologist, pediatrician)
    • Certified Nurse Midwives
    • Nurse Practitioners
    • Physician Assistants
    • Licensed Midwives
    • Registered Nurses
    • Licensed Vocational Nurses
    • Social Workers
    • Psychologists
    • Marriage and Family Therapists
    • Registered Dietitians/Registered Dietitian Nutritionists
    • Health Educators
    • Certified Childbirth Educators
    • Comprehensive Perinatal Health Workers

    For more information about CPSP, call the Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Program.

    Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Program

    East Valley Public Health Department
    1993-B McKee Road
    San Jose, CA 95116

    Perinatal Services Coordinator: (408) 937-2262
    MCAH Mainline: (408) 937-2250
    MCAH Fax: (408) 937-2252
    Toll Free Number: (800) 310-2332

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