Youth and Young Adult Advisory Board

Last updated: 6/4/24

The Getting to Zero (GTZ) Program's Youth and Young Adult Advisory Board (YAYAA) is a collaborative that provides opportunities for Santa Clara County students ages 14 to 24 to be involved in GTZ planning and to gain valuable experience and knowledge in topics related to STI and HIV prevention and education.

How to join

Recruitment for the 2024-2025 YAYAA Board cohort is now open, applications are due by August 23, 2024. To apply, download the application and consent forms below and email completed forms to [email protected]. Parental signatures are required for applicants under the age of 18.

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Learn more about the board!

Over the course of the academic year, the members will participate in various activities including program and materials development, creating social media content for public health channels, community health promotion and outreach, career development, and networking opportunities among public health staff and peers. They will also meet virtually every other month to review materials created, coordinate with public health staff, and engage with guest speakers. 

The members are united by their commitment to health promotion and working towards the GTZ Program’s mission of meeting the goals of zero HIV-related stigma, zero new HIV infections, and zero HIV-related deaths. We look forward to collaborating with a new group of talented students from diverse backgrounds and identities. 

For additional information about the YAYAA Board, please email [email protected].

Meet the previous cohort of the YAYAA Board!

Aditi YAYAA Profile

Hi! I'm currently a junior at Lynbrook High School. My interests are crocheting, reading, and spreading information about real-world issues. I joined this board to try and make a positive impact on my community.

Alan YAYAA Profile

Hello! I am a senior at Homestead High School and I’m excited to be a part of the YAYAA board this year. As the representative of YAYAA’s partner organization Public Health Without Borders, I look forward to making a tangible impact on the Santa Clara community through policy. I’m particularly invested in issues concerning the youth community. In my spare time, I like to write music.

Anya YAYAA Profile

Hi! My name is Anya and I am a high school senior. I am super passionate about public health, especially when it comes to women's and reproductive health. The Youth Advisory Board is the perfect place to collaborate with others to educate both myself and my community through social media content. I also love cats and watching Gilmore Girls on repeat!

Asma YAYAA Profile

Hi! I am a senior in high school and am looking forward to being part of the YAYAA cohort this year. I have interests in community work, especially in initiatives impacting the marginalized groups. I hope to study anthropology after I graduate.

Chelsea YAYAA Profile

Hello, I am a senior in high school, and I have always been interested in the intersection of public health to marginalized BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. My intentions with the Youth Advisory Board include focusing on the wellbeing of previously targeted communities and understanding how we better equity efforts towards HIV/AIDs testing, mental health training, and working against the stigmas of sexual health. I enjoy volunteering, spending time with friends, and drawing in my free time!

Dhruv YAYAA Profile

Hello! My name is Dhruv Shet and I am a current junior in high school. I am excited to be on the YAYAA board and I look forward to promoting health. In my free time I enjoy running and playing guitar/videogames.

Emma YAYAA Profile

Hello! My name is Emma and I am a sophomore in high school and am super excited to be a part of the YAYAA board this year! I joined the YAYAA board because I believe that serving and paying it forward to your community and those you care about is essential. I hope to be able to help the community in public health and impact the society in a positive way! I look forward to spreading awareness and education on public health and so many more important topics.

Ethan YAYAA Profile

Hi, I’m Ethan, a junior at Monte Vista Christian, focused on strengthening youth health education and community support. Outside of advocacy, I unwind by playing sports and guitar. Here’s to a grounded, informed future for all teens.

Kelly YAYAA Profile

Hi! I am a senior in high school, and I joined the YAYAA board this year due to my interest in reducing barriers around sexual health discussion and education. I believe that working with other YAYAA board members will allow me to achieve this, especially because of our connection to the youth population. In my free time, I enjoy crafting, playing with my dog, and reading!

Lukas YAYAA Profile

Hello! I am a Junior in High School, and am really looking forward to serving the community on the YAYAA Board this year. I value community service and engagement highly, and think that collaboratively we can truly make a difference. In my free time I enjoy exercising, and spending time with family and friends.

Richard YAYAA Profile

Hi, my name is Richard and I'm a junior at Evergreen Valley High School. I’m excited to serve on the YAYAA Board and enrich myself with the opportunity to close the stigma gap between HIV and the LGBTQ community. I aspire to work in the public health field, and can’t wait to work towards my goal. In my free time, I like to listen to music and go on walks.

Shreya YAYAA Profile

Hello! I am a sophomore in high school. A couple of my interests include watching the sunset, making pinterest boards, baking, and taking my dog on walks. I joined this advisory board to help my community get educated on sexual health to build a safe environment. I especially want to help reduce stigma towards these types of topics among youth. I’m thrilled to be part of this board and work with such driven and passionate students!

Sumak YAYAA Profile

Hello! I am a freshman at Piedmont Hills High School. I joined the YAYAA Board as I have an interest in health and wish to inform others on sexual health. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, being with friends, and occasionally doing math. I am honored to both work with this team and to help out my community!

Uriel YAYAA Profile

I am a prospective graduate student at UC Berkeley, specializing in public health with a focus on environmental health sciences and nutrition. My passion lies in raising awareness about prevalent STIs in the Bay Area and the east side of San Jose. I am dedicated to bridging the gap between research and community education, empowering individuals to make informed health choices.

Victor YAYAA Profile

Hi! I am a senior at Archbishop Mitty High School. For me, I am looking forward to this year on the YAYAA board, which would allow me to take my passion for public health to the next level while simultaneously gaining experience communicating with students that I’ve never met before. Outside of my academic interests, I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing baseball.

Vivek YAYAA Profile

Hello, I am a first year at Evergreen Valley College and I am excited to serve on the YAYAA Board this year. I hope that by being a member of this board I can create some change and contribute to the Getting to Zero initiative from the Public Health Department to combat the STDs and HIV/AIDS epidemic in this county. I will work to raise awareness of STDs and HIV/AIDS and their prevention measures, hopefully improving lives by preventing the spread of STDs and HIV. In my free time, I like to read, go on walks, and keep up with current events.

YAYAA collaborating partners

The GTZ Program and YAYAA Board is partnering with Public Health Without Borders (PHWB), a student organization based in the Bay Area dedicated to information the community on relevant public health issues. PHWB was founded during the COVID pandemic to improve access to credible information and resources on COVID. GTZ works with PHWB on STI and HIV prevention and education activities.

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