Youth Advisory Board

The Getting to Zero Program’s Youth Advisory Board is a new collaborative that provides opportunities for Santa Clara County high school students to be involved in Getting to Zero program planning and to gain professional experience and knowledge in topics related to STD and HIV prevention and education.

How to Apply

Are you a Santa Clara County high school student? Are you interested in getting involved in public health, the health care field, or infectious disease prevention? If so, join this unique and amazing opportunity to serve as an advisory board member! The purpose of the Youth Advisory Board is to obtain input and feedback regarding STD/HIV program development efforts and to learn about sexual health, current community resources, and valuable career development opportunities. Applications are open year-round for the Youth Advisory Board terms that begins October 1st each year. Please see the following links for more information and to apply:

Meet the Students

Meet our 2021-2022 Youth Advisory Board!

It is our pleasure to introduce our Getting to Zero Youth Advisory Board! Over the course of the academic year, the members will participate in various activities including program and materials development, creating social media content for public health channels, community health promotion and outreach, career development, and networking opportunities among public health staff and peers. They will also meet virtually every other month to review materials created, coordinate with public health staff, and engage with guest speakers. 

The members are united by their commitment to health promotion and working towards the Getting to Zero Program’s mission of meeting the goals of zero HIV-related stigma, zero new HIV infections, and zero HIV-related deaths. We look forward to collaborating with this group of talented students from diverse backgrounds and identities. See flyer here and below to learn more about our Youth Advisory Board Members! 

For additional information about the Youth Advisory Board, please email [email protected]

Citrus YAB Profile

I'm a high school senior in Santa Clara County who is passionate about drawing, painting, and martial arts. I have joined this board because I am pursuing a career in healthcare and I am looking to meet new people and make a difference in my community.

Startling Dragonfly YAB Profile

I'm a junior at Westmont High School and decided to join to improve my public speaking skills and learn more about how to effectively present STD/ HIV prevention. I'm excited to meet and work with others.

Banshee YAB Profile

I decided to join GTZ because it will spread more awareness regarding sexual health and safety for teenagers. I'm enthusiastic about participating in this program and I can't wait to hear the ideas we'll come up with.

Smiley Dragonfly YAB Profile

I'm a senior at Gunn High School, and enjoy dancing, swimming, eating, learning about and taking action for social justice issues, and spending time with friends and family. I'm excited to learn more about HIV issues and the stigmas surrounding it, and ways to help increase education and action.

Leif YAB Profile

I am a senior in high school and I love the outdoors, art, and science. I joined the board because I am interested in studying public health next year. I am excited to be a part something as cool as this youth advisory board.

Aria YAB Profile

I joined this board because I’m really passionate about human sexuality and sexual education. I think it would be a good way for me to start getting a feel for a career in this field.

Amelie YAB Profile

Hi, a little bit about me is that my dream job is to become a nurse and that is one reason why I think this opportunity is a great one! I am excited to join because I want to be part of a team that tries to help others. I also think it will be a great learning opportunity.

Freddie YAB Profile

Hi, I'm a senior at Fremont High School! I joined the board because I wanted to learn more about public health and help fellow teens with getting what they need for their health. I’m excited to meet other board members and help our County.

Julian YAB Profile

Hi! I'm super excited to be a part of YAB this year. I enjoy running, cross-country, dancing, and mock trial. I joined because I wanted to make an impactful difference in the LGBTQ+ community and raise awareness for health.

Rylee Jo YAB Profile

In my free time, I enjoy reading and writing, playing badminton, and exploring different types of art. I joined because I want to educate this generation about sexual health; I feel it is vital to discuss such a topic that is widely regarded as taboo.

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