Transitioning Out of California Children's Services

At 21 years old, clients can no longer get California Children's Services. We want to make sure clients who are leaving our program have all the information and referrals they need to access the adult health care system and to be successful in adulthood. Below are some guidelines and resources to help clients with transitioning.

Important questions:

  • When will my pediatric doctor stop seeing me? Or will this doctor continue to see me as an older adult?
  • Who will be my adult doctor(s)?
  • What medication, equipment, or supplies might I need? And where do I get them?
  • What health insurance and/or income programs will I be able to get?
  • What skills and information do I need to keep myself in good overall health?
  • How will my health needs fit with my plans for a future, education, work, and living on my own?
  • Are there activities or groups in my community, especially for people with my health condition?

These are just a few questions. It is important to speak with your doctor(s), family, and other important people in your life -- like regional center caseworker, rehabilitation counselor, and school counselor -- and ask them to participate in transition planning with you. It is very important that you and your caregivers know what your adult health plans are before you turn 21.

Our staff will contact clients 6 months prior to their 18th birthday and their 21st birthday to schedule a transition conference. During this conference, we will go over the transition process and provide resources to help with the transition.  You can call us at any time to learn more about the transition process.

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