Yellow Fever Vaccine

Who Is Eligible for the Yellow Fever Vaccine?

Vaccines are given based on clinical assessment and evaluation by a Pharmacist. Please also note that our location does not have a medical doctor available.

If you have received the yellow fever vaccine before, you do not need to be revaccinated. Please see Yellow Fever from the World Health Organization.

Travelers less than 3 years old, over 60 years old, pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any medical conditions listed below will not be able to receive a yellow fever vaccine from our clinic:

  • History of thymus dysfunction, including myasthenia gravis, thymoma, or thymectomy.
  • Immunosuppression, for example, leukemia, lymphoma, or other malignancies.
  • Have had an organ transplant or radiation therapy.
  • Are taking drugs that affect your immune system, for example, systemic corticosteroids, alkylating drugs, antimetabolites, or other cytotoxic or immunomodulatory drugs.
  • Allergy to vaccine components, including eggs, egg products, or chicken proteins.
  • AIDS or HIV infection with severe immune suppression.

We are unable to provide Waiver Letters

The Travel & Immunization Clinic does not provide waiver letters describing medical exemptions to vaccination. Please check with your own healthcare provider to request a waiver letter if you believe you have medical contraindications to YF-VAX.

Patients Less Than 3 years Old or 60 Years and Older

Yellow fever vaccines will not be provided to patients less than 3 years old or 60 years and older. These patients may go to the following clinics:

  • Stanford Hospital and Clinics. 211 Quarry Rd. Suite 202. Palo Alto, CA 94304. 650-736-5700.
  • Passport Health. 990 Fremont Ave. West Suite W. Sunnyvale, CA 94087. 408-769-2122.
  • AITC Immunization & Travel Clinic. 101 Grove St. Suite 102. San Francisco, CA 94102. 415-554-2625.
  • Aptos Travel Clinic. 9099 Soquel Dr. Suite #6. Aptos, CA 95003. 831-818-5632.

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