Healthy Pregnancy

Why is getting prenatal care important? 

Prenatal care helps keep you and your baby healthy. Doctors can help identify health problems early. It includes checking for infections that can affect both of you, like sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Often, STIs may show no symptoms. Currently, congenital syphilis is on the rise, so it is important for all pregnant people to get tested and treated. 

What is congenital syphilis?   

Congenital syphilis is when your baby is born infected with syphilis. The only way your baby can get congenital syphilis is if you have untreated syphilis and pass it to your baby. Congenital syphilis can cause severe illness in infants including premature birth, low birth weight, birth defects, blindness, and hearing loss. It can also lead to stillbirth and infant death.  

Could I have syphilis? 

Even if you have not noticed any symptoms, you could still have syphilis. The only way to know for sure is to get tested. Those at risk include: 

  • Late or no prenatal care 
  • Unprotected sex 
  • Sex with multiple partners 

  • Sex with someone known to have syphilis or STIs 

  • Methamphetamine use (may increase the risk of unsafe sex) 

  • History of syphilis and STIs 

  • Unstable housing or experiencing homelessness 

Syphilis is treatable 

Syphilis is treatable and curable with antibiotics. It is important to get tested early and treat as soon as possible to reduce harm to you or your baby’s health. Treatment is safe and highly effective.  

Looking for STI testing?

Find testing centers near you by visiting: Get Tested or by visiting the Crane Center in San Jose. 

Do you need a medical provider?    

Valley Connection is the appointment line for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center’s primary care clinics.

Do you need health insurance?    

Medi-Cal is a program that provides free or low-cost health services to help Californians with medical needs. 

Looking for a ride to your appointment?   

Public Transportation: Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

VTA provides bus, light rail, and paratransit services throughout the county. 

Medi-Cal Transportation Services

Transportation for Medi-Cal appointments including transportation to medical, dental, mental health, or substance use disorder appointments, and to pick up medication and medical supplies.  

If you receive Medi-Cal through a managed care plan, contact your plan’s member service department to request Nonmedical Transportation (NMT).  

Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Plan

​Kaiser Permanente
(855) 839-7613 - English  
(800) 788-0616 - Spanish  
(800) 757-7585 - Chinese Dialects 
TTY/TDD - 711 

Santa Clara Family Health Plan 
(800) 260-2055 
TTY/TDD - (800) 735-2929 

Looking for a phone?   

Visit Free Cell Phones – San Jose ON to get a free cell phone.     

Are you experiencing homelessness?   

Valley Homeless Healthcare Program  
Valley Homeless Healthcare Program (VHHP) provides healthcare services to people experiencing homelessness in Santa Clara County.   

Hope Clinic  
The Hope Clinic is part of VHHP. It helps people who live in or will soon live in what’s called “permanent supportive housing.” The clinic offers medical care for pregnant people, regular check-ups, mental health services, and social services. 

Looking for resources on harm reduction or substance use?    

Local harm reduction and substance use programs and services:  

Harm Reduction Program - Public Health - County of Santa Clara (  

Perinatal Substance Abuse Program (PSAP)  

Behavioral Health Services Call Center 

Academy of Perinatal Harm Reduction   

Looking for help and services upon release from custody?  

The Reentry Resource Center offers services for people upon release from custody.

Looking for pregnancy and parenting resources?    

Pregnancy and Parenting Referral Line with the Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) Program   
The Pregnancy and Parenting Referral Line helps parents, and their families stay healthy by giving them information and guiding them to services that help with pregnancy and taking care of children of all ages.   

In-Home Nursing Programs - Public Health - County of Santa Clara (
First-time and low-income mothers who are less than 28 weeks pregnant are eligible for a free personal nurse to provide support, advice, and information to help the mother have a healthy pregnancy. 


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