Tobacco-Free Coalitions

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The Tobacco-Free Coalition of Santa Clara County (founded in 1990) is a diverse community coalition that serves as an active advisory body to the Tobacco-Free Communities Program of the County of Santa Clara’s Department of Public Health.

The mission of the Tobacco-Free Coalition of Santa Clara County is to improve the health of Santa Clara County residents through tobacco prevention strategies and community involvement.

Membership of the Tobacco-Free Coalition of Santa Clara County include professional organizations, community groups, and residents. Members provide input and expertise that assist in efforts to reduce and/or prevent tobacco use in Santa Clara County.


  • Reduce the use of tobacco products
  • Reduce exposure to secondhand and thirdhand smoke
  • Advocate for tobacco control policies
  • Foster collaboration between coalition members and community groups
  • Include vulnerable populations in the coalition and programs
  • Educate the community on current tobacco-related issues and best practices

The Tobacco-Free Coalition meets virtually via Zoom every 4th Wednesday of the month 3pm to 4pm.

Interested in more information or in joining the Tobacco-Free Coalition of Santa Clara County? Email [email protected] and make a difference in your community today!

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Community Advocate Teens of Today (CATT) is a youth-led advocacy coalition working to counter pro-tobacco influences and expose tobacco industry practices. 

CATT’s mission is to reduce tobacco use among teens in Santa Clara County through education, advocacy, and youth engagement.

Since its inception in 1997, CATT youth remain an important community voice in Santa Clara County by raising awareness of the dangers of tobacco use, exposure to secondhand smoke, and the tobacco industry’s influence on communities with high smoking and vaping rates. The CATT coalition leads and works alongside the Tobacco-Free Community Program and community partners to advocate for policy change, conduct community education and outreach, participate in youth tobacco purchase surveys, educate elected officials, and plan and coordinate trainings  activities to actively engage their peers. 

Recruitment for CATT is primarily conducted through high schools, with members ranging from 13-20 years old. Most activities and projects take place after school and are virtual or at off-campus community settings.

Want to learn more about CATT or want to become a member? Email us at [email protected]. Be a leader in your community today!  

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