Disease information for Santa Clara County

The County of Santa Clara Vector Control District has found an aggressive species of mosquito in a residential area of East San Jose. This species of mosquito is known to spread diseases like yellow fever and dengue.

Vector control staff will be taking steps to eliminate these mosquitoes from the area. It is very important that residents allow staff to access their properties to check for mosquitoes. Staff are not allowed to do anything besides check for mosquitoes and will never ask for money or payment or any personal information. The County also urges residents in East San Jose to inspect their properties for standing water, which provides breeding habitat for mosquitoes, and remove it.

Residents experiencing mosquito bites during the day should report them immediately to the Vector Control District at (408) 918-4770 or [email protected].

For more information, see the Non-Native Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes Detected Again in Santa Clara County press release.

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