Health data and statistics

Last updated: 8/18/23

Public Health Department data help stakeholders and leaders in the community develop effective public health policies and programs. Keep updated on local health data to better understand the health of your community. 

COVID data

COVID data dashboards include data about cases, deaths, hospitalizations, and vaccinations. Wastewater monitoring data provides better understanding of COVID transmission levels and if new variants are rising.

Learn about the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department's research with Stanford University on case investigation and contact tracing. 

Influenza report

Influenza (flu) data dashboards include data on outbreaks, deaths, and overall influenza activity. Wastewater monitoring data provides flu concentration in each of the four Santa Clara County sewersheds, giving a fuller picture of spread in the county. View if flu transmission is increasing or decreasing in your community and how the current level compares to previous weeks and months. 

Open Data Portal

The most up-to-date data are available on the Public Health Department’s Open Data Portal. Doing your own analysis? Visit the Open Data Portal​ to access data sets and maps about local health issues such as diabetes, teen births, opioid use, and other topics.

Health data reports

Use the table below to access past data reports:


    Who We Are

    Our team of epidemiologists gathers and analyzes data on County of Santa Clara residents' health status. Epidemiologists work with mappers, health planners, writers, and graphic designers to present data to the community and to develop reports on health issues facing our communities.

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