In-Home Nursing Programs

Public Health's In-Home Nursing Programs (also called home visitation programs) provide nursing services in homes and community settings throughout Santa Clara County. 

In general, nurses in each program learn their client's needs and find ways to respond to them.

Nurses provide:

  • screening and health education to help prevent disease and disability 
  • support to manage current health issues
  • connections to health and social services to help with other needs

All programs listed below are similar, but some serve only specific groups. See the "Who is eligible?" section of each program for details on who can enroll. 


Nurse-Family Partnership Home Visitation Program

pregnant woman wellness check by nurse

Who is eligible?

First-time, low-income mothers who are less than 28 weeks pregnant

What are the program services?

A free personal nurse provides support, advice, and information to help the mother have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, and to be a great parent. 

For more information, go to, call (408) 937-2231, or text (844) 637-6667.


CalWORKs Home Visitation Program

nurse at home with mom and child

Who is eligible?

People who get CalWORKs benefits and who are pregnant or parenting a child less than 48 months old

What are the program services?

A free personal nurse (or other trained staff) makes regular visits to the family’s home to give support. 

The home visitor will provide:

  • health and wellness checks for the caregiver/child
  • education on what children need to grow and be healthy, how to be a successful parent, and how to get the child ready to start school
  • connections to community resources such as food, housing, and education services. 

For more information, please call (408) 937-2231.


Regional Nursing Home Visitation Program

In-home nurse talking to elderly clients

Who is eligible?

  • People living in Santa Clara County who have special health care needs
  • Accepts clients throughout the life span, from infants through older adults
  • Mainly serves high-risk, low-income residents

What are the program services?

A free personal nurse (or other trained staff) makes regular visits to the client’s home to give nursing and case management support. Two regional offices serve all of Santa Clara County from North County to Gilroy.

  • Help to access medical care or to manage a chronic health condition
  • Case management for children and youth who have or are at risk for lead poisoning


FIRST 5 Public Health Nurse Home Visitation Program 

nurse playing with child and teddy bear.

Who is eligible?

  • Babies and children who are 5 years old or younger and live in Santa Clara County and receive support from the Department of Family and Children's Services (DFCS)
  • Pregnant foster youth ages 18-21

What are the program services?

 A free personal nurse visits the family in their home to do health screenings, give education and help refer the family to other services they may need.


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