Public Health Department statement on West Nile Virus

A Santa Clara County resident died from West Nile Virus after a long illness. Because the person lives in Santa Clara County, the death was recorded here; however, the West Nile Virus infection was acquired elsewhere in the greater San Francisco Bay Area region. For reasons of medical privacy, no additional details about the person’s illness will be released by the County of Santa Clara at this time. 

West Nile Virus is transmitted by mosquitoes, and, in the Bay Area, the risk of humans getting the disease declines as the weather cools each fall, since mosquitoes thrive in warm weather. Most people who contract the virus have mild or no symptoms, but rarely, people who contract the disease may develop serious complications. Each year, more than 100 people in the U.S. die from these complications. More information about West Nile in California is available from the State of California and the County of Santa Clara Vector Control District

The public can help prevent the spread of mosquitoes that can carry diseases by taking prevention measures recommended by the County Vector Control District, particularly removing sources of standing water on their properties. 

The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department routinely monitors for occurrence of West Nile Virus in humans and other diseases in partnership with local medical providers and laboratories, who are required to report certain diseases and conditions to Public Health. This information is used to guide disease control measures and enhance the health and safety of County residents. 


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