BIH Services and Testimonials

Reasons to Join                                           

  • Learn what to expect when pregnant 
  • Manage and reduce stress
  • Gain support from other women 
  • Nurture and bond with your baby 

Prenatal/Postpartum Groups

BIH provides ten weeks prenatal and ten weeks postpartum group sessions, these are the heart of the program. Ten engaging sessions are designed to encourage and support a healthy pregnancy and overall well-being. Some topics covered include: 

  • Labor and Delivery
  • Stress management
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Healthy relationships 

Sessions are offered in a culturally affirming setting that respects participant values and beliefs. Participants interact with other mothers and women who are pregnant.  Childcare and Meals are provided. Transportation is also available to participants who need it. 

BIH Social Events 

  • Black Breastfeeding Week Events
  • Sister Stroll Summer Walks 
  • Mother’s Day Tea 
  • Annual Vision Board Event
  • Belly Bead Making Party
  • African/African Ancestry Health and Heritage

Life Planning

Each participant develops an individualized Life Plan that identifies their future and clarifies goals/challenges to move forward within their lives. Three broad focus areas are:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Finances

Public Health Nursing

BIH participants receive support from a dedicated BIH Public Health Nurse (PHN) who has experience in maternal, infant and child health. The BIH PHN provides:

  • Home visits
  • Breastfeeding consultations
  • Home safety assessments
  • Health education
  • Postpartum depression screenings 
  • Medical case management

BIH PHN’s works directly within the BIH team to facilitate and provide medical health education. The assigned BIH PHN compliments prenatal care.


Black Infant Health of Santa Clara County is the absolute BEST resource available to black mommies in the county! In addition to life-changing information and health tips, this group is a wonderful place to socialize and develop new friendships with other mommies. I learned about the benefits of breastfeeding, HOW to breastfeed, how to prepare healthy meals and far more! I love the women of BIH and the strong sense of community and support they offer!

~ Khamille, BIH Participant 

“Before I joined, I felt very alone. I would encourage other black women to join, because with all the disparities against us in this state, in this country, this is an excellent program to really be plugged in, and to really be guided through the whole process. Although I was very educated about different things with the pregnancy, because of my background as a labor doula, you still long for women in the same realm… in the same move as you. You never have to wonder what is going to happen, or will I be educated on such and such throughout the pregnancy, or even after. You have all the resources, a wealth of resources that can really help you get through the whole experience.”

~ Jessica, BIH Participant

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