Immunizations through stages of life

Last Content Update: 09/11/2023

Vaccines prevent infectious diseases and some types of cancer, and provide protection at all stages of life. Below, you will find information related to vaccines at all ages.

Immunizations for infants and children

What vaccines are recommended?

Which vaccines are required for school?

California school immunization law outlines the immunizations required for school and child care entry. These resources below will help you to protect your child.

Immunizations for pregnancy

What vaccines are recommended?

    Get vaccinated before you get pregnant!

    Whether it is your first baby, or you are planning to have another child, talk with your doctor about which shots you need.

    If you miss getting these shots (MMR, chickenpox) before becoming pregnant, you can get them after your baby is born.

     We recommend that pregnant people have the Tdap, flu, COVID-19, and RSV vaccine to protect the baby during pregnancy until they are old enough to be immunized against these diseases! Ask your doctor for:

    Protect your baby. To maximize your child's protection:

    • Keep your baby away from sick people
    • Ask family, friends, and caregivers to get their flu shot and make sure they are up to date on other shots, like whooping cough and measles
    • Remind people around your baby to wash their hands often

    Immunizations for adults

    What vaccines are recommended?


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