Together We Can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Santa Clara County

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Type 2 diabetes is a growing health concern across the nation. While about 1 in 11 American adults have type 2 diabetes, more than 1 in 3 American adults have prediabetes. Type 2 diabetes is associated with an increased risk of serious health complications and death.  

Type 2 diabetes is preventable.

Preventing type 2 diabetes is not just possible, but is actually “in our hands” through healthy choices like eating fruits and vegetables, walking in  the park or doing yoga.

If knowledge is power, then understanding the risk factors and knowing your risk score gives you the knowledge you need to make the powerful choices that can prevent type 2 diabetes. Your risk score is based on your answers to 6 simple questions.

How can I find out my risk score? 

If you don’t know your risk score yet, click here to start with a simple test to find out.   

Where can I find tips and resources for preventing and managing type 2 diabetes?

You can find useful tips for preventing type 2 diabetes here, and Ways to take care of your diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases here.  

What are we doing in Santa Clara County to help prevent diabetes?

A new Diabetes Prevention Initiative Strategic Plan was recently completed through a countywide effort by public agencies and non-profit groups.  This plan outlines goals that they will work on together to support Santa Clara County residents in preventing diabetes. Learn more about the strategic plan here.

For more information about traffic safety or getting involved in one of the initiatives above, contact:

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