Diabetes Prevention and Wellness Program

The County of Santa Clara Diabetes Prevention and Wellness Program (DPWP) works toward health equity, ensuring that County residents with prediabetes are effectively assisted by health care systems, receive culturally centered prevention and wellness care, and are identified and connected to healthy living resources in the community. The DPWP advocates for policy level change in areas such as access to healthier foods and beverages and safer environments, and the expansion of prevention and wellness resources to communities facing institutional inequities. These strategies will increase a person’s healthy lifespan and decrease the burden of disease by preventing individuals identified with prediabetes from progressing to type 2 diabetes.

Get involved

The DPWP facilitates the Diabetes Prevention Initiative (DPI) Collaborative, which is comprised of individuals and organizations interested in addressing prediabetes and reducing type 2 diabetes in the Santa Clara County. Some of the sectors that participate in the DPI Collaborative are academic, community-based, health care, government, faith-based, and culturally centered. The DPI Collaborative informed and will be helping to implement the new five-year Diabetes Prevention and Wellness Program Strategic Plan, which will be released December 2023.

To get involved in implementing the strategic plan and to join the DPI Collaborative, please email [email protected] and [email protected]. You can be added to the meeting and e-newsletter lists.

The DPWP approach

The DPWP takes a health equity approach to support health for all. The program focuses on improving health for folks experiencing socioeconomic disadvantages or historical injustices, including the large population receiving Medi-Cal in Santa Clara County. The Diabetes Prevention and Wellness Program Strategic Plan is led by the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department with support from DPI Collaborative partners. For the next five years, the DPWP and DPI Collaborative will be working on the following areas:

  • Build capacity among residents, partners, and health care systems to address type 2 diabetes prevention and wellness
  • Cultivate and strengthen linkages between the clinical and community sectors to improve patient well-being
  • Promote wellness and access to healthier foods and beverages, parks, and public spaces
  • Educate on type 2 diabetes prevention and organize support for wellness policies and funding 

The 2023-2027 Diabetes Prevention and Wellness Program Strategic Plan will be coming soon! 

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