Pregnancy and Parenting Referral Line

The Pregnancy and Parenting Referral Line promotes healthy living for mothers and their families by providing resources and referrals for reproductive health, family planning, pregnancy, birth defects, infants, children and teens.

Call the toll-free referral line for services:  1 (800) 310-2332

Who is eligible?
All residents of Santa Clara County                                               

What are the services?
Services include the following:

  • Referrals to doctors who provide comprehensive pregnancy care (CPSP) 
  • Referrals for food vouchers and nutrition information for children and pregnant or breastfeeding​ women
  • Resources for family planning and free pregnancy tests
  • Car seat safety education (see the Child Car Seat Safety Program)  
  • Referrals for health exams, dentists, and immunizations (shots) for children
  • Support services for pregnant women and parenting families
  • Health insurance information
  • Referrals and resources for tobacco and other substance use or exposure
  • Special programs for African-American pregnant women and parenting families 

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