Safe Routes to School

​Walking and biking are an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, however, many children in this country don't start out the day with these activities. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs provide the opportunity to make walking and biking to school fun, healthy, safer, and accessible to all who chose to walk and bike to school. SRTS is a nationwide program that can benefit communities by enhancing children's health and well-being, easing traffic congestion, improving air quality near schools, and increasing the overall health of the community and the built environment.

Safe Routes to School Programs consist of a broad network of public health and city agencies, community-based organizations, pedestrian and bicycle advocates, school officials, teachers, parents and more - all working together to create safe and healthier environments where children can be physically active while combating childhood chronic disease.

County of Santa Clara’s ​Safe Routes to School Program

The County of Santa Clara’s Safe Routes to School Program provides technical assistance and capacity building to Safe Routes to School providers all throughout Santa Clara County. Support includes trainings, workshops, resource development, and sharing of local and regional best practices on education, encouragement, and evaluation activities.

Safe Routes to School providers include representatives from various cities, districts, and community-based agencies that provide Safe Routes to School programming and administration. They meet on a quarterly basis and are led by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and supported by Traffic Safe Communities Network.

Below if a list of Santa Clara County Cities supporting Safe Routes to School Programs:

Below is a list of community-based partners supporting Safe Routes to School efforts in Santa Clara County:

To learn more about the County of Santa Clara’s Safe Routes to School Programs, download the program brochure - English / Spanish

Funding for the County of Santa Clara’s Safe Routes to School Program is supported by the 2016 Measure B Sales Tax allocated towards Bicycle and Pedestrian Education and Encouragement Programs.

Walk and Bike Events

To learn about fun walk and bike promotion events you can do at your school, visit our Walk and Bike Events page.

Safe Routes to School resources

Santa Clara County's Walk and Roll- Safe Routes to School Program creates safe, convenient, and fun opportunities for students (k-12) and their families to walk and bicycle to and from school. To help programs get started, we have created a number of resources for you.

If you need assistance in planning your Safe Routes to School program, let us know and we can meet with your team.

​For more information about Safe Routes to Schools or how to get involved contact:

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