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Number of probable and confirmed cases of monkeypox reported
in Santa Clara County: 

What Is Monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a rare disease that is caused by infection with monkeypox virus. If you think you might have symptoms of monkeypox, contact your doctor right away to be evaluated and tested. Learn more about monkeypox.

Activities that may increase a person’s risk for contracting monkeypox may include having sex or direct physical contact with multiple or new partners, attending crowded parties or clubs where sex is occurring on-premises, or having direct physical contact with someone who is feeling sick or has a rash. Taking steps to avoid prolonged skin to skin contact can reduce your risk of getting monkeypox.

Cases of Monkeypox in Other Parts of the Country

Information from the CDC and the State of California:

Monkeypox in Santa Clara County

The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department monitors for occurrence of any unusual disease in partnership with local medical providers and laboratories, who are required to report certain diseases and conditions to Public Health. The Public Health Department is working with local medical providers to increase their awareness of the symptoms of monkeypox, how to prevent transmission, how to test for monkeypox, and appropriate reporting to state and local health authorities. 

Public Health is also working closely with local LGBTQ partners and organizations to share the latest information and resources.

News Statements

Medical Provider Advisories



    • If you are experiencing severe pain, trouble urinating, rectal pain, sores on or near your eyes, or other highly concerning symptoms, please go to your nearest emergency room or call 9-1-1 and notify them of your concern for monkeypox.
    • Otherwise, contact your primary care doctor right away. You should only get tested for monkeypox if you are experiencing symptoms. Only your provider can give you the test result, not the Public Health Department. Isolate from others, including intimate partners and household members, while you wait for your test result.
    • Your doctor may also test you for sexually transmitted infections, since the symptoms may be similar.
      • If you do not have a doctor and have concerns about monkeypox, you may be tested following a medical evaluation. You can: 
        • 1. Call Valley Connections to make an appointment 1-888-334-1000
        • 2. Or you can walk into Valley Health Center Downtown’s Urgent Care Clinic to be evaluated for testing.   


    • Contact your doctor. Your doctor can help assess if you were exposed to monkeypox and whether your exposure was high or low risk. Getting a vaccine soon after exposure – ideally within 4 days but up to 14 days after – can help prevent you from becoming infected with the monkeypox virus.
    • See your doctor immediately if you notice unexpected rashes and lesions or other symptoms. Signs of monkeypox can look like pimples or blisters and typically develop at the same time on any part of the body and last two to four weeks. Avoid sex or close contact with anyone, including household members, until you have been checked by a healthcare provider. Other symptoms to look out for include fever, headache, muscle and back ache, chills, swollen lymph nodes and tiredness.


    County of Santa Clara monkeypox vaccine eligibility aligns with the national monkeypox vaccine strategy from the federal government. This approach prioritizes vaccinating the individuals at highest risk right now, which most effectively prevents spread in communities. Due to a limited supply of the Jynneos vaccine from the federal government, the vaccine is currently being made available in Santa Clara County by invitation or appointment only. Eligible groups include:

    • Men and trans people who have sex with men, who have had more than 1 sexual partner in the past 14 days
    • Sex workers or anyone who engages in transactional or survival sex
    • Individuals who had direct physical contact with someone confirmed to have monkeypox
    • Individuals notified by another health department or facility that they have had direct physical contact with someone who has tested positive for monkeypox
    • Attended an event or venue where a person contagious with monkeypox was at the event or venue and had direct physical contact with other people there

    Note: If you do NOT meet at least one of the risk criteria above, you are not eligible for a monkeypox vaccine.

    We anticipate broadening vaccination eligibility to certain individuals and communities at increased risk of exposure as soon as additional supply is delivered. If you are concerned you are at risk, please check back here regularly to see the latest eligibility criteria or talk to your healthcare provider.


    • Eligible individuals can visit to register for upcoming vaccine clinics operated by the County of Santa Clara.
    • Community partner organizations that already serve eligible individuals have been connecting those individuals to appointments at pop-up monkeypox vaccination sites operated by the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department. This approach prioritizes vaccinating people who are at highest risk first. The County's Office of LGBTQ Affairs and Public Health Department have partnered with many local organizations, including AACI, Bill Wilson Center, Colectivo Acción Latina de Ambiente, Project More, Billy DeFrank LGBTQ+ Community Center, Silicon Valley Pride, The Gender Health Center, Valley Homeless Health Care Program, Q Corner, and other groups. Local LGBTQ+ businesses are also informing and supporting activities.
    • You are also encouraged to speak with your own doctor about vaccine eligibility. The County has partnered with large healthcare systems to support them in delivering vaccines to their highest risk members. Many of the vaccine doses received by the County are being allocated to large healthcare systems for that purpose.
    • If you are eligible for vaccine because you were exposed to a person confirmed to be contagious with monkeypox, AND your level of exposure puts you at high risk of getting monkeypox, AND the contagious person gave us your name or contact information, you will be contacted and offered vaccination.


    If you have already received a first dose of the Jynneos vaccine, you will be contacted about a second dose as soon as sufficient supply is received. You do not need to restart the series if more than four weeks have passed since your first dose.


    Monkeypox Call Center

    For additional information about who is eligible for a vaccine and other general monkeypox questions, call (408) 970-2200, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Assistance is available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

    Education Materials for Distribution by Community Partners

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